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Jasmine's Family

Family from (WA)


We are a family of four living in North Perth, seeking a special Grandma to become apart of our lives.

We have two wonderful girls - my eldest is 4.5yrs and started Kindergarten this year. She is full of energy, outgoing and has a wild imagination. My youngest is almost 2 years old, is a little mum obsessed and very adorable when she tries to use all her words.

My husband has a demanding work life which sees him travelling interstate for short trips regularly, and working long days and weekends. I am currently a full-time mum, although I am seeking a part-time job.

While we live busy and social lives, we absolutely treasure quality family time together.

We have created this profile because we do not have any family here in WA and long to give our girls a sense of family beyond us as parents. The relationship between a child and a grandmother is so special and we do not want them to miss out on this experience. I (Mum) am also seeking someone that I connect with personally, who would enjoy a coast walk, and a coffee or wine sometimes.

We would love a Grandma who doesn't live too far, or who lives in the western, north western suburbs as we frequently visit these areas. We hope to see our Grandma regularly (once a week or fortnight), for playdates, a family dinner, trips to the farmers markets etc. Our family values an active, healthy lifestyle and we would love a Grandma who shares those values. We want to grow our family and hope to offer our Grandma as much as we hope to receive.

In addition, this Family:
  • Speaks: English
  • Has pets (Chocolate Labrador called Charlie)
  • Never smokes cigarettes
  • Has a car (and a driver's licence), does not use public transport.

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