About Us

Hi, I‘m Cate, the founder of Find a Grandparent.

As my family didn’t have any grandparents living nearby I established Find a Grandparent in May 2012 to connect surrogate grandparents with families like ours. We were very lucky that our family was the first one to find a surrogate grandma through Find a Grandparent and since then others were successful in finding an addition to their family too.

Find  a Grandparent is a not-for-profit service and doesn’t receive any government funding. Therefore our sole income are the membership fees that families pay and unfortunately this is currently not enough to cover our costs. So we had the idea to start a shop selling gorgeous hand-made products to support our service. Your purchase at the Find a Grandparent shop will help us to continue with our not-for-profit service and you are helping us to bring joy and laughter into peoples lives.

All the products that you find in our shop are hand-made with love and with passion for quality products. If you love our products as much as we do, please tell your friends and family members about us - this will help us to continue and improve our not-for-profit service of connecting surrogate grandparents with families. While our selection is currently limited we are certain that it will grow in time.

If you are looking for a surrogate grandparent for your family or if you would like to become a surrogate grandparent, please have a look at our main page www.findagrandparent.org.au.

Enjoy our products and have fun browsing this website!

All the best from